Website with flavor text enticing users to play the game Website featuring hero image of the playable sunflower (mobile)

In-engine Interface

In my competition research prior to designing the UI for this game, I found that motion and ambience were the most important factors in my feelings towards the UI and its ease of use. In Unity I had easier access to animation, so I tried to take advantage of that for this project.

Early concept for 3D main menu

Early concept for controls menu (I planned for camera pans between views)

UI mockup for video settings page

UI mockup for new game page

UI asset for new mechanic pickup in-game

Playtesting/User Experience

We conducted four playtests. For each, I planned the data collection strategy, designed surveys, wrote scripts for observational testing, analyzed results in R, and created insight presentations.

For the story aspects of the game, I measured engagement based on anxious/avoidant attachment to the narrator, empathy towards the characters, and immersion in the universe of the story.

For the platforming aspects of the game, I measured success as a rate of item collection in each area, time spent on various challenges, and progression through the game.

Journey map of the entire game experience (abandoned narrative)

Initial results measuring player attachment style to the narrator

Initial results measuring player assumptions of narrator's age

Measuring user completion rate of second level

Example facilitation script for UX playtesting sessions

Promotional materials

I designed the logo, created the website, and produced the teaser trailer (with original music).


I created original music for the menu and trailer, foley & sound effects for the playable character, and ambience for scenes.