Ben Schenerman


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Who I am

Hello, my name is Ben (he/him). I’m a UX Engineer with a side order of music & audio. I thrive in the intersection between digital and social systems.

I started in the industry as a front-end developer at a creative agency. Since completing my degree in Interactive Digital Media at Drexel University, I have expanded my skillset to include UX research, design and front-end dev. I have put my expertise to the test as a developer/designer in public works, non-commercial radio, and fintech.

What I’m looking for

The best use of my skills is designing for usability, accessibility and overall experience. Bonus points if a project involves audio.

Whether that entails qualitative interview sessions, Figma wireframes, or React apps—I’m prepared to ask questions, abandon my ideas, and collaborate with cross-functional teams to improve digital products and experiences.


In addition to my UX Engineering skills, I am also a strong writer, audio engineer and radio producer.

Research: usability sessions, qualitative interviews, survey design, A/B testing (feature flags), playtesting card sorting, collaborative design, client discovery sessions, and more.

Design: wireframing, prototyping, UI design, typography/color and component systems, and more.

Front-end Development: React/Angular/Vue, HTML/CSS/JS (I saw the rise and fall of jQuery), progressive web apps, static site generators, email blasts, content management systems, and a very solid understanding of git (more than most UX folks).

A bit of personality

In my spare time, I enjoy baking breads and desserts, recording music, and swing dancing (come say hi in Rittenhouse Square whenever COVID is over…).

Ben Schenerman headshot
Ben Schenerman... the chef