Icicle Dodging Simulator

Development, Client: Drexel University Project Status: Complete Tools: Sketch, Adobe Suite, Tech: HTML, CSS, Vanilla JS, Phaser.io, Link: https://benschenerman.com/idm245/final

This was a project for a class about making games in HTML5, using the FOSS version of Phaser. The requirements were that it had to have a two minute timer, a win state, a lose state, and some audio. I feel like the game would probably be more fun as an infinite survival game where the icicles reach ridiculous speeds, but client requirements are king.

On the development side, I wrote scaling functions in JS to make the icicles fall at semi-random rates, and progressively fall faster as the game clock counts down. For the art side, I made sprites from modified SVGs from the Noun Project and used open source, royalty free audio for the post-game screens. Looking back now, the game is still cute and surprisingly fun.

Give it a whirl and see how many icicles you can dodge in two minutes. Note: supported only in Firefox or Safari.

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